Laura Must Die








  • 1° Edition: 2001
  • Category: Erotic Novel
  • Writer: Florence Nahon
  • Language: Spanish /English
  • Format: Digital Download (PDF)


The story opens with Laura receiving unusual e-mails, apparently from a sympathetic man who hides his identity behind a screen, but she will soon discover she is not safe anymore. As the trail progresses, despite a flattering portrait, he emerges as a person emotionally capable of murder with an obsessive need of control. She informs her boyfriend Derek, a police officer, about a possible strangled to death. They were all called Laura and she is probably on his list. Laura herself is quite disturbed as she is aware of no real current direction in her life or in her writing. This may explain why she is seemingly connection between her virtual lover and the last women relegated to play his game. She decides to cheat fate but soon realises she is madly in love with this stranger. Another naked corpse is found at a remote location near the airport. Derek goes on with his investigation. He reveals to Laura that her virtual lover, finally free, after two decades of incarceration for killing his former wife has re-entered society, with nothing but scars from prison life he struggles for survival on the outside. Recalled to a recent scene in which another woman called Laura has been brutally murdered, he asks her to cooperate with his plan to stop the murderer. She refuses. The jealous boyfriend Derek gets her drunk over dinner to find out more then searches her computer to discover the real intensity of their feelings and that they plan to meet. The trial goes around Derek and his personal drama. It revolves into a great deal of depth about the legal technicalities of criminal investigation, such as gathering enough evidence to accuse him of a crime he never committed. After a chase and fight, Derek shoots the serial killer. He makes his way to plant a long knife next to the body in order to convince the public he had no choice, but to fire.


The protagonist is Laura, a single writer who lives in California. At the time the novel starts, she is questioning the long-term effects of her amorous internet relationship with another significant character, a secretive man who may be a serial killer. A third character appears in the second part of the novel; Derek, a detective with a personal issue who is investigating the case is presented as a corrupt cop going to extremes.I have recently done a few changes to the plot written years ago. Now we have two villains instead of one, as detective Derek also appears to be a killer, turning to revenge against Laura after the break-up of their relationship, which had left him devastated. In fact, in the middle of the book you will see how horror manifests itself in those respective characters…


The overall theme of the novel is that one makes one’s own future; predestination is a myth. Why continue acting with common sense during the rest of our days? LAURA must DIE is an invitation to take the risk of facing our own world made of light and shade. In this action thriller that mercilessly verbalizes the interior thoughts of Laura, you will dive into an ocean of new sensations, but sometimes it’s exactly there, in the dangerous curve of that discovery that we can start losing the control of our own life…


The tone of the book is one of underlying humour and hopefulness, intended to be a fast-paced adventure, illustrating our ability to make mistakes, learning in the process. LAURA must DIE is a book that appears to be a novel; accessible, ferocious and sometimes irreverent, but can be simply read during everyday life by everyday people, in an airport, on a bus, a beach, in bed, or while waiting in the doctor’s surgery with the intention of leaving the reader feeling an amazing new sensation, a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction, having experienced something new since opening the first page of their new book.


Love is just the eloquent reminder of how much nonsense Laura had survived, but this story made headlines around the world and catapulted her to a new national identity. The synopsis of her novel, finally a best seller, written from the agitations of her soul, started with these words: In a world of ubiquitous Internet dating, Laura, a former city writer, in her secret search for true love, becomes the unlikely central character of a threatening story…